Intelligent Volume & Texture Styling Powder

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Intelligent Volume & Texture Styling Powder is designed to give your hair noticeable volume, without compromising on grip.

Scentless, easy to use, and gravity defying; this styling powder lasts all day to give your hair an effortless, casual look.
  • Works great for all hair styles
  • Instant texture
  • Revitalizes flat hair
  • Volumizing Matte Effect
  • Adds perceived density to thinning hair
  • Rinses out instantly

With traditional wax or gel-based hair products, it can be hard to build and maintain volume in your hair. Intelligent Hair Styling Powder provides immediate structure and hold without weighing your hair down and easily adds volume to flat hair.


Shake gently before use. Apply to dry hair for texture. For extra volume and density, apply directly to the roots. Work the product through your hair gently with a comb or your fingertips until the powder completely blends in and then style.

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