Intelligent Silver

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Intelligent Silver Intelligent Silver Intelligent Silver Intelligent Silver
Size: 100 mL

Clean · Collected · Sophisticated

Intelligent Silver is our flagship office fragrance, embodying professionalism and class.

Silver opens with a refined and elegant freshness.

As the fragrance develops, amber and tonka notes emerge, providing a lingering warmth.

This is followed by a base of cedar and sandalwood, resulting in a unique fragrance that is distinctly formal, dignified, and masculine.

Fragrance Details

For: Him

When: Day & Night

Season: All Seasons

Concentration: 20% | Extrait de Parfum

Size: 3.4 FL. OZ. / 100 mL

Silver is suitable for all seasons, but is best suited for cooler weather.

While this has been dubbed our office fragrance, it also excels in most all formal or professional settings.

Intelligent Silver is a 20% Extrait de Parfum concentration. Extrait de Parfum fragrances feature a high concentration of 20%+ perfume oil. Most designer fragrances on the market are Eau de Toilette (EDT) concentration (5-15% perfume oil). However, that doesn’t mean that by default an Extrait de Parfum will always last longer or project more than an EDT with different fragrance notes.

When you need to ensure greater performance (e.g. prior to attending an event) it may be worthwhile to reapply using our Intelligent Atomizer.

Note: Item available in US and Canada only. FedEx 2Day® US Shipping is also not available with any fragrance product.

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